Searching for social content just got even easier. Our new RSS Feed tool has just got even easier to use and it now includes more exciting content. You can search for appropriate YouTube videos and trending social content as well as the usual Google News Feed (and of course custom RSS integration)! Find a cool video, preview it in the control panel and schedule it to Facebook and Twitter in a few clicks.

RSS Feed Tutorial:​

Another new and exciting feature in the 30 Second Social Media platform... You have always been able to schedule images, but now you have the ability to create some stunning visuals using our Visual Composer tool. You'll find the tool has already replaced the "Upload Image" button on the social posting pages.

24 Different Image Templates

You can embed your images into one of 24 beautifully designed templates to make a relatively uninspiring image look amazing. You can add your own text and effects to create a social work of art.

PLUS: Two great new features are launching very soon...

Social Scheduler Upgrade. Currently you have to click on the Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn scheduler to post to that network. Very soon we will roll out a huge improvement. All the individual network schedulers are replaced with a single, more powerful scheduling interface. You will be able to post the same content to all of your social accounts simultaneously. If you have Facebook selected then entering a website address starting http:// - it will automatically allow you to select the website logo or a choice of images from that website to include in the post. Going forward, you'll also be able to schedule your posts more accurately with 5 minute slots instead of 15 minutes.

Social Streams Full Release. We've also thoroughly tested our social streams feature and it is now being rolled out to all subscribers. This means you can interact with the connected Twitter and Facebook timelines directly from within the control panel. It's a great feature, and one we are very proud of.

Upcoming Feature Sneak Peek...

Lastly, I'd just like to mention a fantastic new content research tool that we should be rolling out next week. It allows you to search Facebook and return content based on the number of comments, number of likes etc. It allows you to easily find great content that will appeal to your audience, or even find your competitors most liked content, then re-word and repost. This virtually assures you that your, similar audience will appreciate the content. We've had some fantastic feedback about this tool from our beta testers...