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Why is Video Marketing now one of the most cost-effective strategies for promoting your company? Now that more than 80% of customers are using online search to find businesses, it’s vital that you show on the first page of the Search Engine Results. However the virtual landscape is becoming more and more competitive, so you may find yourself struggling to get a top listing on the traditional website results.

As yet, most businesses are not competing for the ‘Video Results’ that Google is beginning to show on it’s regular Webpage Search Results. We offer:

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How to do Online Marketing Using Video

Don’t believe that Video Marketing is too difficult or beyond your budget. Now that Google has recently started to serve YouTube Videos onto the regular search results, it’s actually possible to get a cost effective Page 1 ranking quicker than getting a regular website listing to the top of the results. Right now, YouTube already receives more than 4 BILLION Views Per DAY – and this number is continuing to increase! YouTube is now the 2nd largest Search Engine after Google.

Of course, Google is now offering more options for searching online, and that naturally includes the fact that they also now frequently include ‘Video Results’, ‘News Results’ or ‘Shopping Results’ on the regular Website Results. This means that Video Marketing is becoming a much more effective way to promote your business. It’s relatively simple to create eye catching promotional videos that are easier to optimize and are highly cost effective.

You can achieve excellent results when optimizing your Business for the Google and YouTube Search results. YouTube is a highly effective way to market your company, no matter how large or small. This is especially true since Google started to serve more YouTube ‘thumbnail’ results on the first page of the default Search Results Pages. The fact that Google is showing actual thumbnail images in the normal website results makes it even more likely for potential customers to click on these links. As a result, there is a huge opportunity to get YOUR Company Video on the first page of the Google Search Results! In fact, it’s possible to get your Video ranked on the first page much quicker than it takes to get your website to the top results for the same keyword. To illustrate how popular and effective Video Marketing in general and YouTube Marketing in particular has become, it has been shown that 94 of the Top 100 Advertising Agencies have run campaigns on YouTube.