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Go beyond your competitors and get noticed by new clients.

  • Many small or mid-sized businesses have a tough time getting in front of their ideal audience.
  • A video press release is a cutting edge strategy that is more affordable than you realize!
  • A complete "done for you" solution for  outstanding exposure.

Provided by 30 Second Video Marketing, this service is one of the most powerful ways to create buzz about your company...!

Find out how to get in front of thousands of journalists and get listed on hundreds of authority media websites.

Provided by: 30 Second Video Marketing in partnership with Interactive Media Strategies.

We know that as a small or mid-sized business owner, you need to focus most of your time on the daily running of the company. Your priority is managing your product or service to increase the bottom line.

Which usually means you simply don't have the time to learn complicated online marketing trends or keep up with the latest public relations strategies.

We understand!

Let us take care of your online marketing. We know you simply don't have enough time, or perhaps you're simply not that interested in keeping up with all the changing strategies that make up a successful online marketing campaign.

Become an
authority in your field

A Video Press Release is an outstanding way to present yourself as the ultimate authority figure in your field. Get cited in the affiliated network websites of major channels like ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox. This will identify your company as an authority in your areas of expertise.

A Press Release With VIDEO Gets 55% More Views Than One Without

(Case Study by reelseo.com)

This kind of publicity can also cause your story to go viral. If your press release appeals to reporters or to those with a large social media following, your article gets even more free exposure.

We'll film your video with professional actors - or we can edit using your own footage.

Fast results. Your press release will be live days after the final video is approved.

Your video will be available to 1,000's of journalists and news reporters.

Your high quality video will be viewed by those who can make an impact on your business.

Why publish a Video Press Release?

  • Wide Distribution 
    No matter the size, any business will benefit from press release distribution. Your news stories can get you coverage in blogs, news websites, trade journals, newspapers, magazines, and many other publications. Of course, you won't get that kind of publicity unless you actually write about your business in the first place!
  • Extremely Cost Effective
    Press release distribution gives wide distribution for a very modest investment. The additional SEO benefits it offers your website is also of great value. In fact the exposure provided by an engaging video press release offers much greater results than investing a similar amount into other forms of paid online advertising.
  • Spread your message Virally
    An interesting article will be spread throughout the various social media channels which will amplify your message beyond the original websites it gets listed on.

Mass Publicity:
Your press release will be distributed to thousands of journalists. 

  • Syndication to 300,000 journalists & distribution to major press release sites.
    This increases the chance that your press release will be picked up by news publications and authority websites.
  • Instant Authority.
    Become a cited expert in the major media and leverage this authority so that your business stands out from the crowd.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Visibility
    You'll also gain high quality backlinks from authority websites sites and video hosting sites.

Here is an example of a Video Press Release. Of course, depending on the package you select, your own video will be customized to give the look and feel you want for your own product or service.

The text format of a press release is somewhat standardized and cannot be sales related, but the content of your video can be a little more 'promotional'.

Here's another example Video Press Release from our partners Interactive Media Strategies (IMS). 

Video Press Release as viewed on US TV Network websites.

Interactive Media Strategies recently launched a new marketing content program called Content4Marketers (C4M).

Order your Video Press Release Today...

Our BASIC Video Press Release Service

Our BASIC Video Press Release Service
  • Professional video with high production levels featuring your logo
  • Broadcast by e-mail to over 300,000 subscribing journalists
  • 250+ live links to the sites posting your release
  • Up to 60 Second Video (120 words)
  • Static version of your logo in the video
  • Full copyright of video content
  • Conversion of existing PR text to video script
  • Video added to our portal
  • 720p HD video
  • Static lower third with company name, logo or other info
  • Customized Video search engine optimization
  • Dedicated account executive
  • Your press release will be converted into short-form video script and presented by one of our professional actors.
  • Online Visibility - including Video Embedding
  • Placement on an extensive list of media outlets
  • Social media exposure: Twitter and Facebook posting to subscribed journalists
  • Syndicated to RSS feeds
  • Visibility on the major search engines
  • High ranking in the search engines for your title and main keywords
  • Embed one video link in your press release to sites that accept video content
  • 'Traditional' Media Visibility - Reach Major Premier Media Outlets.
  • Newspaper websites
  • TV and Radio websites
  • Premium affiliate TV broadcast stations
  • Submitted to news media sites like LexisNexis, Comtex, Newstex, and Dow Jones Factiva
  • Associated Press website submission to AP outlets including, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post
Additional Features
  • 2 Keyword / anchor text links
  • Social Media friendly
  • Attach an image to your press release
  • A distribution report will be provided that includes live web links

Our PREMIUM Video Press Release Service Includes:

Everything offered in the Basic Service PLUS:
  • You'll have a wider choice of video presenters from our list
  • Multiple video production upgrades
  • We'll create an animated version of your company logo.
  • Your name on an animated lower third, use of stock video 'B-roll' clips and custom text layers.
  • We'll shoot your video with the professional actor of your choice
  • Your video will be created using customized high-end production values which will reflect well on your business.

Our PREMIUM PLUS 5K Video Views:

Everything offered in the Premium Video Press Release Service PLUS:
  • A customized Video AdWords Campaign to generate 5,000 targeted views
  • Option of your own executive or representative speaking on video
  • Custom video backgrounds (using a chroma keyed green screen)

Meet the team...!

Chris Ritter, Research Associate & Senior Editor

Neil Walker, founder of 30 Second Video Marketing

Paul Ritter, Director & Chief Research Officer of IMS

We'll shoot your video with the professional actor of your choice

Creating a video to highlight your company makes a much bigger impact than plain text. Your video will be created using customized high-end production values which will reflect well on your business.

We'll even add in an animated logo, 3D titles and 'B-roll' footage to help illustrate your news story. Of course, you will own the full copy-rights to the video content. This means you can also embed the video on your own website and distribute it on your social media channels. Depending on the keywords you use for your video title, there's a good chance that your business will rank well in YouTube search results as well as in the regular search engines.

Video Press Release Package Options

Lock in special pricing only available for a short time!

Standard Video Press Release

Professional video with high production levels and your logo edited in

Distribution to 1,000's of journalists and news sites

  • 60 Second Video Production ( up to 150 words)
  • Add your own logo plus still images of your choice

NOW only $1275

Regular Price: $1500

Premium Video Press Release

Standard  PLUS 500 views & additional customized options for your video

Distribution to 1,000's of journalists and news sites

  • 90 Second Video Production (up to 225 words)
  • Add animated lower third and stock video edits

NOW only $1750

Regular Price: $2000

Premium PLUS 5K Video Views

Premium service PLUS guaranteed 5,000 video targeted views!

High level authority media distribution

  • 120 Second Video Production (up to 300 words)
  • Custom green screen allowing any background

NOW Only $2950

Regular Price: $3500

Additional publishing and marketing choices.
  • Copy writing for Press Release - $150
  • Targeted Video views (custom Video AdWords campaign) 1,000 Views - $350
  • Upscale Basic video to 1080p HD - $100
  • Custom Video requests - Call for a quote!

100% Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Delivery Guarantee. We will deliver the results as contracted in our agreement within 2 weeks of your press release being posted live.

  1.  Syndicate your video and press release to thousands of journalists. Get discovered on all the major press release sites.
  2. Instant Authority: become a 'cited' expert in your field.
  3. Search Engine Visibility: your business website will rank higher in the search results.

Video Press Release

Give your business worldwide distribution today

Send us your press release for review or let us know if you want us to write it for you. We'll also write the copy for the audio script performed by our talented actors.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


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