Why Video is so Important for your Website

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Here is a great piece on the outstanding benefits offered by Video from a Search Engine Optimization perspective. Video increases the “stickiness” of your website. Google now wants to see multi-media elements on your site so that you are offering more varied and interesting content for your visitors. The easiest way to do this of course, is to post your videos to YouTube and then add the embed code to your own site.

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The SEO Benefits of Video Content – When Google crawls your site they are looking for several indicators including page quality, relevance and keyword instances. Multimedia objects add value to all three of these metrics. Videos also increase a user’s Time On Page, an important indicator of page quality which seems to becoming more and more important every day. Not to mention people are more likely to link to your content if it contains multimedia content as demonstrated in Casey Henry’s Moz piece on “What makes a link worthy post“.  

Ecommerce sites should also seriously consider placing videos in other locations such as product pages. Aside from the added stickiness and quality added to your product pages, they also help you stand out on the SERP with the addition of a video thumbnail. Zappos churned out 50,000 product description videos in a single year and doubled their linking root domains because of it. Learn more about <a rel=”nofollow” href=”http://www.distilled site web.net/blog/video/getting-video-results-in-google/” target=”_blank”>how to get your video results to show up in Google

Surround Awesome with Awesome – When Google crawls your page it’s looking for signals to indicate that your content is related to a given query.  A page with an H1 title and an embed code isn’t sending Google the message that this page is full of awesome, related content. In fact, Google isn’t able to decipher your video at all so why not send better algorithmic signals to the Big G by surrounding your already awesome video with equally awesome images and text. This also gives you another opportunity to target the keywords you’re after.

Give your visitors a resource to acquire more information on the headline they were just linked to– give them more reasons to link to your video. Tell a story about how the video was produced or simply summarize the contents of the video.  Consider linking to other, related videos to keep the user who wants more as engaged as possible. Make your page the authority on the topic at hand and a, rich, linkable resource that people will continually reference in the future.

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You should always consider adding video content to as many of the main pages on your website as possible. This will not only provide more valuable material for your visitors, you’ll also get more ‘credit’ from Google and the other search engines. This will, in turn, provide you with more visitors in the future as you rise in the search engine results.